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Space Odys 7 inches Tablet PC Review and Get more Benefit


The ODYS Space is the new flagship of Apple iPod Tablet PC series. A tab with no compromises. Compact and flexible, like a smartphone (3G), but equipped with a huge screen of 17.8 cm (7 inches). Feature-rich, almost like a mini PC experience, but with a lightweight of 420 grams Ideal for the mobile communication freedom and want to live.

Thus, the combination of tablet PC with mobile internet and telephony, entertainment centers, locating service and optional navigation feature is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an all-in-one device. The use of Android 2.2 and AndroitPIT, the Space Odys enjoys the benefits of access to thousands and thousands of apps.

ANDROITPIT and the world of APPs

The heart of the Space Odys is its powerful operating system, Android 2.2, which was its clear Oberflächean the needs of large touchscreens adapted. Who the already very large feature set of the Apple iPod is not enough space is about AndroitPIT access to thousands of practical and entertaining apps. Click on the icon leads to the AndroitPIT App Store, where after the programs, games and content categories sorted holds. A large part of the Android apps are available for free download.

Unlimited Internet media consumption

The Space Odys support via phone flash animated websites, giving you the go-consuming web pages are available without restriction. The contents of the popular video website in no time you get to the big screen - of course in a first-class quality. This allows you the world of "Web" on the move from the sofa and use similar to the PC in the office or at home. Faster and easier to work with the multi-touch technology.

Faster Internet Access

Content comes thanks to UMTS (up to 7.2 Mbit / s) or with the fast Wi-Fi b / g standard rapidly on the screen. The fleet Qualcomm 800MHz processor, large memory and the chip integrated in the presentation to ensure that nothing shakes. If desired, enter the fast Internet access on to other devices like your laptop via wireless or USB tethering.

E-mail, instant messages, social networking and contacts in one place
The Space Odys provides a central point for all communication channels available. Through various apps or legacy browsers to use all networks. Ally yourself with the world. + Google, Facebook, Twitter and more communication and makes a mobile connected life incredibly easy. E-mails can be managed

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