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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Canon - Ixus 220 HS

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The Canon - Ixus 220 HS
The Canon - Ixus 220 HS. The thinnest device in the world with video recording in Full HD. The IXUS 220 HS is currently the compact ultra-wide-angle 5x zoom the thinnest in the world * and offers the latest technology, including full HD video recording and advanced Canon High Sensitivity System. Its features include:

Canon HS System Exclusive sensitivity for excellent performance in low light
12.1 million pixels to capture every scene in vivid colors and incredible wealth of detail
5x optical zoom (ultra-wide-angle 24mm lens with optical Image Stabilizer)
Housing slimline stainless steel Pure Color LCD II G 6,9cm (2.7 inches)
Full HD (1080p) with optical zoom, stereo sound, Dynamic IS and HDMI output
New CMOS High Sensitivity Sensor
Mode "Smart Auto" with Scene Detection perfected for beautiful results in 32 types of situations
Methods high speed and Super Slow Motion Movie burst to record fast action
The video pre-recording function records a few seconds before each shot to create a bonus video
Miniature effects and "Toy Camera" Smart Shutter timer with smile detection and blink of an eye
Handheld Night Scene mode lifted for perfectly clear night landscapes
Face Detection technology can simultaneously detect up to 35 faces in a frame and provide an update super fast auto focus on them
Full HD
Record High Definition video with optical zoom
Record High Definition video and fast action with stereo sound

For moments that deserve to be immortalized on video, the IXUS 220 HS offers advanced video capabilities and the ability to record Full HD 1080p video with HDMI-CEC compatibility. The optical zoom is available during video recording and sound CD quality stereo accompanies each video. The IXUS 220 HS now supports a new format for recording HD video: iFrame. Apple this format? is designed to accelerate the assembly and import videos leaving the content in its original recording format. Of course, if you have a computer running Microsoft Windows, you can also transfer your videos on it.

The Canon - Ixus 220 HS
Advanced Scene Detection Technology. Optimized images in difficult lighting conditions thanks to the HS System. The IXUS 220 HS is equipped with the powerful Canon High Sensitivity System that provides excellent image quality, especially in low light conditions, as well as videos and high quality pictures. Recording subjects correctly exposed inside, on a dark background or outdoors, in low light conditions can be difficult. Flash range is generally insufficient to illuminate the background but can turn the flash blur the image due to the instability of the handheld shooting. Thanks to Canon High Sensitivity System, the exposure of the background is optimized, dark areas are reduced and camera shake are controlled, thus ensuring perfect image and eliminates the risk of blur.

Control Mode "Live View". Canon's i-Contrast feature automatically adjusts the settings to produce the best possible image. Canon's i-Contrast feature improves contrast and ensures better reproduction of detail in tricky lighting conditions. Available in shooting or playback, i-Contrast analyzes the exposure, dynamic range and other image characteristics and consequently increases the contrast in dark areas to improve the reproduction of details in these areas . The device and adjusts the image without blowing out correctly-exposed areas, while reducing noise technology integrated to the device ensures minimal noise in adjusted areas.

Get closer to the action with 5x optical zoom
Intelligent Contrast Correction. The 5x optical zoom is ideal for capturing every detail of every moment. You can get closer to distant subjects with the 5x optical zoom of the IXUS 220 HS. Its versatility offers you the opportunity to fully explore your creative options and it proves ideal for capturing the action at sporting events or concerts. The large LCD 6,9cm (2.7 inch) PureColor II G is equipped with a reinforced glass layer and makes the recording and playback of videos and pictures a real breeze.

The Canon - Ixus 220 HS
The Canon optical Image Stabilizer corrects virtually any type of movement, light vibrations associated with your breathing to shocks of a car, for always smooth video and professional. Easily switch from standard mode to dynamic mode when you want to stabilize heavy vibrations of the hand, such as when shooting while walking from a moving car or even simply max telephoto.

Advanced Scene Detection
Advanced Scene Detection technology can make the most of making difficult conditions views. Shooting effortlessly beautiful results. When taking photos, the only thing you want to focus, it's about you, that's why the IXUS 220 HS offers two views taken from very simple modes: "Smart Auto" mode and easy mode.

The "Smart Auto" mode allows the camera to intelligently select the appropriate settings, to allow you to focus on your subject. Advanced Scene Detection Technology automatically analyzes shooting conditions, detecting people, distance, brightness, color and movement, and then selecting the perfect settings from 32 predefined scenes. So you want to photograph flowers, a captivating sunset, or your friends in the park, you are guaranteed to get perfect pictures. The "Smart Auto" mode is also much more than a scene detection. Moving subjects are also detected to ensure focus and perfect exposure thereof. For close-ups, the camera automatically switches to macro mode for sharp images, while Smart Flash Exposure optimizes the exposure and flash output for perfect illumination of the subject and accurate reproduction of bright areas, dark image.

In Easy mode, the camera automatically selects all camera settings and disables all buttons except those used for shooting, ideal for beginners or children.

Taking high speed views
High Sensitivity System Canon also offers the option of recording at very high speeds, which is an advantage in many situations.

Burst Shooting
In the high speed burst mode, the camera can record up to 3.4 frames per second in high resolution 12.1 megapixel or 8 fps in resolution 3 million pixels. This device allows you to capture fast moving subjects, and whether you're shooting sporting events or scenes of everyday life, you will never miss a moment of action.

Super Slow Motion Movie
Super Slow Motion Movie Mode records video at a stunning rate of 240 frames per second and the normal speed in bed to produce a spectacular slow motion effect. It is now possible to record VGA quality at 120 im. / Sec. in addition to the QVGA 240 im. / sec. The software comes free with the device is compatible with multi-speed playback, which allows you to view your footage full speed or in slow motion, so you never miss a moment of the action.

The Canon - Ixus 220 HS
Handheld Night Scene
Scene Mode freehand night to record night scenes blur free. When this mode is selected, the camera records three successive views and gathers them into one blur-free image.

Selection of shooting modes
Advanced Scene Detection. Miniature Effect transforms ordinary landscapes by giving them the appearance of models. With the IXUS 220 HS, you have the option to choose from a range of shooting modes that you can count on to perform a perfect focus, regardless of where your subject is in framing. Simply select the desired mode and let the camera take care of the rest, ensuring stunning images even under difficult shooting conditions views.

New scene modes allow you to easily optimize your photos. These include Miniature Effect, which reproduces the effect of a very shallow depth of field and transforms ordinary landscapes by giving them the appearance of models, very wide-angle effect, which reproduces the results obtained with a fisheye lens according to three levels of intensity, and monochrome effect, using different color filters (eg sepia). New modes of photo effect are also available: Super Vivid, which adds sparkle colors for dramatic results, Poster Effect, which gives a retro touch to photos, giving them the appearance of posters, "Toy Camera "which changes the tone of the image (eg warm tones or cool tones), low light, when you want to perfectly reproduce the atmosphere of the scene without using the flash and making multi-format views, allowing you to choose the aspect ratio in which your image is saved (4: 5, 16/9, 1: 1 etc.).

Record all the action with video pre-recording function. When you select this function designed exclusively for Canon digital compact cameras, with each press of the shutter button, 4 seconds before the shooting are recorded on video and sequences are then assembled into a single video which shows the moments highlights of the day.

Low power consumption and fast charge. The IXUS 220 HS uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery "smart" that guarantees you hours of filming and is easy and quick to recharge.

Register with confidence
The interface with tips and advice is a valuable tool that allows even novice to use the device with confidence right out of the box. Explanations of menus are always easy to understand and when settings are changed, the icons are displayed in orange, in clear, to make the use of the device a pleasant experience.

Fast, intelligent processing and superb image quality
Control Mode "Live View". Face Detection technology recognizes faces in the frame and automatically adjusts the settings to produce natural skin tones

The Canon - Ixus 220 HS
Face Detection
With face detection up to 35 faces can be detected in framing and focus, exposure, flash settings and white balance are automatically adjusted for optimal results with natural skin tones. Selection and monitoring of a face. The function selection and monitoring of a face to select a single face in a crowd and follow him as the main subject.

Timer with smile detection and blink detection of an eye. The Face Detection Self-Timer simplifies group shots and self-portraits. Once the composite image, simply press the shutter button to start the timer and the unit "remembers" the number of faces detected.

The device then waits for an additional face to burst in the frame and automatically adjusts focus and exposure before recording the image. It is also possible to start shooting distance by choosing to do so with a simple wink ?? he or a beautiful smile. No need remote.

Motion detection technology
Motion Detection Technology uses information and brightness changes to clearly identify subject motion. The optimum ISO is then automatically adjusted to minimize blur and maximize image quality.

Auto Red-Eye Correction
The automatic red-eye correction is available in shooting and playback and accurately removes "red-eye" caused by the use of the flash.

Rich images and sharpness, with each trigger
The goal is the most important element of any image device and all Canon cameras incorporate objectives designed and manufactured by Canon to the highest standards. These objectives are based on over 70 years of experience in the field.

* 19.5 mm at the time of publication

Indicative price: € 158.51 
Specifications Summary of Features:
- Digital Camera
- 12.1 Mpix
- Black
- Product Description: Canon IXUS 220 HS - digital camera
- Product Type: Digital camera - compact
- Dimensions (WxDxH): 9.2 cm x 2 cm x 5.6 cm
- Weight: 141 g
- Color: Black
- Flash Memory: MultiMediaCard, SD Memory Card, SDXC Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card, MultiMediaCardplus
- Sensor Resolution: 12.1 Megapixel
- Image Processor: DIGIC 4
- Payment shooting movie mode frame
- Max Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080
- Lens System 5 x zoom lens - 4.3 mm - 21.5 mm - f / 2.7-5.9
- Adjusting the Focus: Automatic
- Digital Zoom: 4 x
- Image Stabiliser: Optical
- Flash: Built
- Red Eye Reduction: Yes
- Microphone: Microphone - built-in - mono
- Display: LCD display - TFT active matrix - 2.7 "- color
- Supported Battery: 1 x Li-ion rechargeable battery (included)
- Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
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Apple - iPod touch 4th Generation

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Apple - iPod touch 4th Generation
Apple - iPod touch 4th Generation. The iPod touch features a new design that makes it the thinnest, lightest, most amazing of all iPods. The only evidence that you fault is to hold one in your hand. Curved design, iPod touch is only 7.2 millimeters thick. With its reinforced glass on the front and stainless steel back is fine and soft to the touch. When you turn, you will be amazed by the brilliance of its Retina display. The iPod touch is a combination of stunning design and revolutionary technology. Brilliant inside and out.

The iPod touch has a full video call functionality. Your friends will finally be able to see you ... at your will. Simply press a button to greet your foreign friends, ask their opinion on a pair of shoes or make them share your unforgettable moments Wi-Fi an iPhone 4 or iPod touch last generation to another. Come face to face has never been so fun.

iPod Touch
A small masterpiece of fun. Share good times with friends over FaceTime. Shoot scenes in HD. Or play games on the screen provided with the highest-resolution iPod either.

iPod Touch, FaceTime
The iPod touch has a full video call functionality. Your friends will finally be able to see you ... at your will. Simply press a button to greet your foreign friends, ask their opinion on a pair of shoes or make them share your unforgettable moments Wi-Fi an iPhone 4 or iPod touch last generation to another. Come face to face has never been so fun.

Apple - iPod touch 4th Generation
The iPod touch has two built-in cameras: one on the front above the display and one on the back. The front camera is optimized for FaceTime. Its field of view and focal length are perfect for capturing your face when you hold the iPod touch at arms.

iPod Touch, Retina Display
The Retina display on iPod touch brings out the awesome in anything. This is because it is the screen with the highest resolution ever offered on iPod, with four times the pixel count of previous models. In fact, there are so many that the human eye can not distinguish individual ones. Graphics and images stunningly sharp, and text amazingly crisp. Just like the printed page.

The screen of the iPod touch hides a technological feat. By developing pixels a mere 78 micrometers, Apple engineers were able to focus on four times more than in the same 3.5-inch screen of the previous models. This pixel density (326 ppi) gives the text and graphics perfectly clean appearance in all sizes. You will be truly glued to the screen.

iPod Touch, Game Center
The new Game Center app on iPod touch lets you add more players to your network. Invite friends. See rankings for each game. Compare levels. Together a select group of friends to play with them. Or choose to confront you know in a multiplayer game.

iPod Touch, HD video recording and editing
As iPod touch (and its integrated HD video camera) you everywhere, you'll always be ready to record when the time comes. Now turn in stunning high definition. Thanks to the advanced backside illumination sensor, your videos will be bright, whatever the lighting conditions. And when you've finished filming, edit and share your movie with a few keys. The only film crew you need, is you.

When you place your finger on iPod touch, how is it as easy to accomplish what you expect from him? In fact, it's a chain reaction. The Multi-Touch screen has a protective layer over a capacitive panel that senses your touch using electrical fields. Then it sends all this information to the underlying Retina display. You can drag the album artwork with Cover Flow, flick through photos and enlarge them by spreading the fingers, zoom or reduce a section of web page and precisely control game elements.
Apple - iPod touch 4th Generation
Music Movies + TV Series Processor Gyroscope + accelerometer A4
With iPod touch, you do not just play your music, listen and watch a whole new way. Let Genius search your library and create custom mix. Or try Genius playlist will use a song you really love to find other songs in your library. You can also view your album art in Cover Flow Or shake to shuffle your music library to a new light. Your favorite TV series and movies now playing on a subway train or plane not far from you. Since you can rent movies and TV shows, right on iPod touch. Shop the iTunes Store and choose from thousands of must-see titles to fill your iPod touch. Then watch them on the amazing color widescreen Retina display 3.5 inches. The Apple A4 processor is the basis (and just below) of all the fun that the iPod touch will give you. Apple engineers designed the A4 chip to make a mobile processor that is both incredibly powerful and energy efficient. With this processor, the iPod touch can easily perform complex jobs such as multitasking, editing video, and placing FaceTime calls. All this while maximizing battery life. And your fun. The iPod touch has new tricks up its sleeve. It now includes a three-axis gyroscope. Paired with the accelerometer, it gives the iPod touch the ability to recognize the complex movement of the user, such as acceleration, full 3D position or the degree of rotation. In short: more movement and greater precision for an even stronger set of sensations.

Summary of Features:
- 8 GB
- Black

- "At full power, prolonged listening to a headset can damage the ear of the user. »
- Product Description: Apple - iPod Touch - 8GB - Black
- Product Type: Portable mp3, mpeg4
- Capacity: 8GB - up to 2,000 songs, up to 7,000 photos, up to 8 hours of video
- Product Color: Black
- Screen size: widescreen Multi-Touch 3.5-inch
- Screen resolution: 960 x 640 pixels at 326 pixels per inch
- Dimensions: 111 x 58.9 x 7.2 (mm)
- Weight: 101 grams
- Battery life: up to 40 hours music playback, video playback up to 7 hours
- Charging time: about 2 hours by fast charge, about 4 hours when fully charged
- Ports: Dock connector, 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, Built-in speaker, microphone
- Connectivity: USB 2.0, Wi-Fi (802.11b / g), Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, location-Service Plans, Supports Nike + iPod
- FaceTime: Yes
- Retina Display: Yes
- HD Video Recording: Yes
- Game Center: Yes
- Sensors: Three-axis gyro, Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor
- Digital Audio Standards supported: AAC (8 to 320 kbit / s), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), HE-AAC, MP3 (8 to 320 Kbits / s), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3 and 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX +), Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV
- Digital Video Standards Supported: MPEG-4, H.264, Motion JPEG

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Apple Reported On Its Environmental Impact

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Apple Reported On Its Environmental Impact
Very often, Apple brand's commitment to preserving the environment. We recently learned of the existence of a solar farm project in China and Europe. Today, the company publishes its annual report environmental responsibility along with a nice video that renews Apple's willingness to use renewable energy, to ensure save resources for leave to our descendants a planet least as well as when we lived there:

In the video, Apple recalls how the company makes progress in the service of the environment, how it plans to create new products limiting their impact on the environment. This results in huge solar farms built worldwide by selected and recycled materials but also by optimizing packaging and transportation:

In the document published today, we learn that Apple has set three priorities:
reducing the environmental impact by using renewable energy and energy efficient products imagining

conserve resources
use environmentally friendly materials in the design of products and processes. This is reflected in several different ways. Today, all the 'data center' Apple are powered by clean energy. Also working on the consumption of its products in use, Apple claims that the emission of greenhouse gases due to the use of the brand's products has been reduced by 61% since 2008. By working every day to make its products more efficient, imagining new ways to design, Apple also aims, in its way, to preserve the environment and it is always better than nothing. Let's just hope it continues.

A Crown to Apple Watch

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A Crown to Apple Watch
The Concepts: iPhone lock screen revised and corrected and ... A crown to Apple Watch. The concept-ios-9-1.jpg We will not know probably not much of iOS 9 before the opening keynote at WWDC in June. However, as every year, the designers of all stripes have fun to imagine, optimize and suggest improvements. In the following video, that is the locked screen that one attack. Instead of making a simple notification billboard, here it is useful and practical.

Video demo:
On the new screen, the designer imagines three types of elements: classic notifications, missed calls and reminders. Pressing the icons representatives all three types, the user will see on the upper part of the screen, the associated elements together, if appropriate under the app icon. The notifications are no longer mixed and are available very easily. It is also possible to interact with them in the way of what already exists in iOS 8. I let you discover all this video:

The other concept of business is the iPhone 7 as some imagine roulette with Apple Watch. If new button on the side of the machine makes disappear the venerable man button. The Touch ID is also integrated in the wheel ... I am not a fan, are you?